Our Vision

Vision Statement

Growing our customers’ and suppliers’ businesses, in transport, mining and construction sectors, by being THE trusted provider of tailor-made capital and business solutions in South Africa.

We want to be known as the most trusted and respected organization in South Africa in helping our customers grow their businesses by assisting them with access to capital and providing them with unique business solutions. We will achieve this by an unwavering focus on the quality of our work, the knowledge and expertise of our people and the relationships we maintain.

Together we will move you forward, faster.


Mission Statement

We are a core group of committed specialists, working together to find unique solutions for our customers wanting to grow their business. Our differentiating factor is our knowledge and expertise in our field of operations and our ability to generate custom made solutions for users of our services. We leverage the finance process to generate opportunities along the finance value chain.

Our target market is suppliers and manufacturers and end users of capital goods, primarily in the transportation and mining and construction industries.

We develop mutually beneficial partnership swith suppliers and manufacturers and parties who can give us and our customers access to capital.