FFWD Values


A positive company image and reputation is essential for us to achieve our long-term objective of building a loyal stakeholder base. It is therefore vital that we cultivate, develop and maintain good relations with all our stakeholders, inclusive of our own employees, our customers, suppliers and manufacturers, partners in business, vendors and all companies with which we are associated.

We will utilize all the opportunities and means at our disposal to foster and develop our relationships through our interaction with our stakeholders. We will communicate in a friendly, but professional manner and will act in a respectful manner towards all we meet, even when we are under duress. We will communicate clearly and frequently and will ensure that a meeting of minds have been established in respect of all cases and transactions we deal with.



We aim to deliver our services in such a manner that our customers can consistently rely on us to meet or exceed their expectations. We strive to focus on detail and are committed to achieve standards as required by our customers. We measure and manage our standards to ensure that we do not deviate from requirements and improve our processes where any deviations occur. We constantly try and improve the minimum standards to raise our service to an even higher level.



We behave in an ethical manner. Our customers trust us to act in their best interest and we take this responsibility seriously by always doing the right thing. We hold ourselves accountable, even when no one is looking.


Team Work

We are a small and focused organization. In our organization, each employee plays a critical role in the delivery of our services. This requires a high level of performance and accountability. Employees rely on one another for support in such an environment.

We want to work together towards a common goal together as a cohesive group of people. We want to create a positive culture in our workplace by supporting one another and by combining our different skills and strengths. Each of us have different skills and abilities, by supporting one another towards our common goal, we will enhance the overall performance of our team.

The objectives of the team are more important than that of the individual.