Point of Sales and F & I Services

We supply fully trained and accredited asset finance sales personnel at a dealer or supplier’s point of sale. The core of the company’s origination activities revolves around a point­of­sale presence at various original equipment manufacturers and suppliers to the mining, construction and transport industries. This was the original service and basis on which our business was founded on and remain an integral part of our operations where suppliers and manufacturers require a seamless finance and equipment sale functionality in their business. In terms of this service we provide all the point-of-sale activities with the exception that business is only introduced to banks and financial institutions.

We provide this service to suppliers or manufacturers who already has an existing dealer incentive commission scheme in place with a bank, alternatively we also assist in implementing discounting and/or DIC structures.

In this regard, we provide F & I services both in respect of external finance options (bank finance) as well as in-­house finance options (supplier/manufacturer finance).


External Finance

The company facilitates the introduction of asset finance to banks, either for its own account or on behalf of a supplier or manufacturer who already has an existing dealer incentive commission scheme in place with a bank. We also assist in putting discounting and/or DIC structures in place.


In-­house Finance

Fast Forward Finance also facilitates in-­house financing. Suppliers who have access to their own funds and/or credit facilities, may want to coordinate and contract their own deals directly with clients requiring finance for capital equipment.

The In-House Finance process includes but is not limited to:


Sales Process

  • Needs analysis with customers during initial contact to determine requirements and product fit;
  • Quotes and finance options are presented to customers.


Credit Application Process – During this stage credit and other information is collected from a client and a credit application is completed. Credit applications are then submitted to a credit committee for a decision. The client will be informed of the credit decision and if approved, a formal facility letter will be issued for acceptance. Further negotiations in respect of conditions and price may take place once a facility letter has been issued. Acceptance of the facility is required before progress to the next stage can take place.

Fulfilment Process – Contracting of transaction and security documentation takes place during this stage. Any outstanding information is also collected in order to comply with approval and statutory requirements. The sub-­stages as contained in this process would involve the collecting of FICA and other legal documents and a case file is opened. Once all information has been obtained, contracts and security documentation is drawn and presented to the customer and related parties for signature.

Pay-Out Process – As soon as fulfilment is completed the transaction needs to be paid out and the equipment released to the customer. We are active in this process to ensure that suppliers receive payment on time and customers are not inconvenienced through delayed delivery.

  • On completion of fulfilment, transactions needs to be paid out and the equipment released to the customer;
  • Issue of release notes;
  • Activation of accounts on our DMS.

All our point-of-sale personnel are supported by a team of dedicated back office personnel with expertise in deal-structuring, credit and legal related matters.


Collection and Accounting Services

We also supply suppliers making use of our debtor management services with a full spectrum of services, inclusive of debit order collections and general ledger information.

We manage the collection process actively through a dedicated management structure. The backbone of our collection services is our Debtor Management System and the personnel managing the process. We are unique in our approach as we do not work with the suppliers’ funds, all collections are done directly into a dedicated bank account nominated by the supplier, thereby minimizing operational and financial risk.

Our system has been designed specifically for the asset finance industry and provides extremely stable and reliable performance. We can provide the supplier with complete and accurate accounting records which can be integrated into their own accounting processes.

All of the suppliers’ clients are provided with various reports, inclusive of monthly statements, amortization schedules, account enquiries and settlement quotations.